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Courses ->IOSH - Supervising Safely

Course Content:

* Understand how training and good supervision are fundamental to ensuring good health and safety .
* Understand how to help managers and directors create a safe and healthy working environment .
* Appreciate the importance of your organisation's safety policy .
* Explain the importance of risk assessment and understand the part the supervisor plays .
* Identify workplace processes and their associated risks and evaluate what could cause harm in the workplace .
* Plan an inspection of the workplace and record details.
* Demonstrate an understanding of workplace precautions.
* Understand the need to take into account the health and safety aspects when asking someone to carry out a task or job and provide the appropriate control measures.
* Assess existing health and safety conditions and procedures against set standards.
* Understand the procedure for reporting accidents, incidents and near misses .
* Understand the need to communicate guidelines for emergency procedures to all personnel.
* Communicate with all levels of management and personnel including others sharing or working in the same premises who may be employed by the organisation, including contractors, subcontractors and agency personnel .
* Co-ordinate contractors and understand how to identify levels of competency .
* Appreciate how industry affects the environment and be able to list the ways in which individuals can minimize pollution and waste.

Course Assessment:

The course is assessed by a multiple choice assessment paper and project. On successful completion of the course programme, the delegate will receive a certificate from the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH).

Course Duration: 2 days (inclusive examination)

Approved By:
Ministry of Health, Dubai Ports, Customs & JAFZA-EHS, DCA, Dubai Municipality, Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs, Abu Dhabi Municipality , Knowledge & Human Development Authority, Dubai Central Ambulance Authority, Dubai Health Authority
Accredited By:
Training Centre:
National Examination Board of Occupational Safety & Health - UK (NEBOSH) Chartered Institute of Environmental Health - UK (CIEH) Institution of Occupational Safety & Health -UK (IOSH) First Aid International-UK (FAI) Construction Skills - UK (CITB) TSI Quality Services